Hong Kong

How to Play

Basic Controls

  • Find Pokémon! SEARCH MODE
  • Battle Pokémon! BATTLE MODE
  • Throw Poké Balls! CATCH MODE

Wanna Have Even More Fun?

  • Type Match-Ups
  • About Pokémon Tretta

Battle Mode

In Battle Mode, Pokémon battle each other.
Scan your Pokémon TRETTA chips to bring out your Pokémon.

Scan Your Pokémon TRETTA chips!

Scan your Pokémon TRETTA chips to bring out your Pokémon.

You can scan a maximum of three.

If you don't have any, you can rent Pokémon instead.


Take note of the opposing Pokémon's type, then pick a Pokémon with a type advantage!

Choose your attacking Pokémon!

Turn the dial to pick your Pokémon and its move.

Your attack will hit all three opposing Pokémon.

The Pokémon with the highest Speed will attack first.


Once you know the type match-ups, you'll want to choose a Pokémon and a move with a type advantage.


Try to choose a Pokémon and a move as fast as you can! That way, you're more likely to get a Great Ball or Ultra Ball on the Poké Ball Roulette.

Time to Attack!

When your Pokémon attacks, press a button to stop the Attack Bonus Roulette. The number you get will be added to your attack power.

When the opposing Pokémon takes damage, the colored area of the Catch Gauge will increase. If you land a critical hit, you'll do massive damage!

Of course, the opposing Pokémon will fight back.


A Pokémon's Speed affects its Evasion, too. Be sure to pay attention to each Pokémon's Speed.


If your Pokémon's HP reaches 0, it won't be able to use any more moves.
You should send out your Pokémon with low HP and Defense first.

Backup Attack and Backup Defense

In battle, sometimes Backup Attack or Backup Defense will activate.

Backup Attack
1 extra attack from another Pokémon.
Backup Defense
Another Pokémon takes damage from the opponent's attack instead.
Note: During play, this will only activate once per Pokémon.

Some Pokémon know two moves. As long as they have HP left, they can attack two times.

Advantage #1
Target Weaknesses of Different Types of Pokémon!

A Pokémon that knows 2 or more moves can cover a larger range of type weaknesses.

Advantage #2
You'll Be Covered In Case Your Other Pokémon Faints!

As long as you have a Pokémon with two moves,
you can still attack twice even if your other Pokémon faints.

End of Battle

If the Catch Gauge for all opposing Pokémon is completely full (opposing Pokémon team can no longer attack), OR...

If your Pokémon's HP reaches 0 (your Pokémon team can no longer attack), OR...

Once Round 3 is over...

...the battle will end.


If your Pokémon team wins the battle, you'll have an increased chance of throwing a Great Ball or Ultra Ball!

Now let's catch a Pokémon! CATCH MODE