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※Ver.Arceus (Ultimate 3Ver.) will not be operated in Indonesia. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Ultimate 4 VER.

Ultimate 4 VER. features this Ultimate-class Pokémon chip!

Hoopa Confined (Ultimate Class)

  • TypePsychic
  • Weak ToBug, Dark, Ghost
  • MovesHyperspace Hole

Hoopa Unbound (Ultimate Class)

  • TypeDark
  • Weak ToFighting, Bug, Fairy
  • MovesHyperspace Fury

Hoopa is an Ultimate Class Pokémon with two different Formes. Only Hoopa Unbound can be found in the wild. Battle it with a Pokémon that's strong to Dark-types!

Tips to Catch Hoopa

  • step1

    Catch a Pokémon that has
    a type advantage over Volcarona.

  • step2

    Catch Volcarona.

  • step3

    Catch Hoopa.

About Volcarona

Volcarona (Hyper Class)

  • TypeBug
  • Weak ToFire, Rock, Flying
  • MovesBug Buzz

Hoopa is weak to Bug-type moves.
Using Volcarona gives you the type advantage.

Pokémon That Can Help You Catch Volcarona

Pidgeot (Super Class)
  • TypeFlying
  • Weak ToElectric, Rock, Ice
  • MovesHurricane

Flareon (Super Class)
  • TypeFire
  • Weak ToWater, Rock, Ground
  • MovesEmber, Dig