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Ultimate 1 VER.

Ultimate 1 VER. features this Ultimate-class Pokémon chip!

Shiny Mega Rayquaza (Ultimate Class)

Darkrai (Legend Class)

  • TypeDragon
  • Weak ToIce, Dragon, Fairy
  • MovesDragon Ascent

Shiny Mega Rayquaza is Pokémon TRETTA's first-ever Ultimate Class Pokémon.
Its signature move Dragon Ascent is ultra-powerful.

How to Catch Shiny Mega Rayquaza

  • step1

    Catch a Pokémon that has
    a type advantage over Palkia, Dialga, or

  • step2

    Catch Palkia, Dialga, or

  • step3

    Catch Shiny Mega Rayquaza.

About Palkia

Palkia (Master Class)

  • TypeWater
  • Weak ToElectric, Grass
  • MovesSpacial Rend

Spacial Rend is a powerful attack exclusive to Palkia. It's super effective against Shiny Rayquaza.

About Dialga

Dialga (Master Class)

  • TypeStreel
  • Weak ToFire, Fighting, Ground
  • MovesRoar of Time

In Ver. U1, there aren't many Pokémon with a type advantage over Dialga. If you want to catch it, you'd do well to catch Garchomp first.

About Garchomp

Garchomp (Master Class)

  • TypeGround
  • Weak ToWater, Grass, Ice
  • MovesEarthquake, Dragon Claw

Garchomp's Dragon Claw is super effective against Shiny Rayquaza, and Earthquake is super effective against Dialga.

Pokémon That Can Help You Catch Palkia

Manectric (Hyper Class)
  • TypeElectric
  • Weak ToGround
  • MovesWild Charge

Manectric can Mega Evolve. Use its Wild Charge attack to take advantage of Palkia's type weakness!

Pokémon That Can Help You Catch Garchomp

Abomasnow (Hyper Class)
  • TypeIce
  • Weak ToFire, Rock, Fighting, Steel
  • MovesIce Punch

If you use Abomasnow to catch Garchomp, you can use Garchomp's Earthquake attack to hit Dialga's type weakness!