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Ver. 00 (Xerneas)

This is the Ver. 00 Legend-class Pokémon!

Xerneas (Legend Class)

Xerneas (Legend Class)

  • TypeFairy
  • Weak ToSteel, Poison
  • MovesMoonblast

 Xerneas is a Legendary Pokémon.
Its Fairy-type move, Moonblast, is extremely powerful.

Tips to Catch Xerneas

Xerneas is not always caught due to players' mistakes or their strength.

  • step1

    Catch a Pokémon that
    has a type advantage
    over Metagross.

  • step2

    Catch Metagross.

  • step3

    Catch Xerneas.

About Metagross

Metagross (Master Class)

  • TypeSteel
  • Weak ToFire, Ground, Fighting
  • MovesMeteor Mash

Metagross's Meteor Mash is super effective against Xerneas.
You can use Metagross to catch Xerneas.

Pokémon That Can Help You Catch Metagross

Braixen (Hyper Class)

Braixen (Hyper Class)
  • TypeFire
  • Weak ToWater, Ground, Rock
  • MovesFlamethrower

Pangoro (Hyper Class)

Pangoro (Hyper Class)
  • TypeFighting
  • Weak ToFlying, Psychic, Fairy
  • MovesSky Uppercut

Golurk (Hyper Class)

Golurk (Hyper Class)
  • TypeGhost
  • Weak ToDark, Ghost
  • MovesEarth Power, Shadow Punch