How to Play

Basic Controls

  • Find Pokémon! SEARCH MODE
  • Battle Pokémon! BATTLE MODE
  • Throw Poké Balls! CATCH MODE

Wanna Have Even More Fun?

  • Type Match-Ups
  • About Pokémon Tretta

Catch Mode

In Catch Mode, you'll throw Poké Balls to try and catch Pokémon.
Pokémon you catch will be turned into Pokémon TRETTA chip.

What kinds of Poké Balls are there?

You can throw 4 different kinds of balls: Poké Balls, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls.

Choose your moves quickly during battle, or win with HP remaining to increase the number of Great Balls and Ultra Balls on the Poké Ball Roulette.

Throw a Ball and Catch That Pokémon!

Press the Poké Ball button and stop the Poké Ball Roulette.
The ball it stops on will be tossed at the opposing Pokémon.

What kind of Pokémon will you catch? It's so exciting!

Once you hear the click, you'll know it's been caught.

Powering Up the Poké Ball Roulette!

Sometimes, during the Poké Ball Roulette, you'll see "Roulette Chance" pop up!
Mash the Poké Ball button and your ball might get upgraded.

Pokémon You Catch Will Turn Into
Pokémon the TRETTA chips!

Your perfectly captured Pokémon will pop out as a Pokémon TRETTA chips.

If you play your cards right, you might catch two or three Pokémon at a time.
At that point, you can insert 1 credit for an extra Pokémon TRETTA chip, or 2 credits for two extra Pokémon TRETTA chips.

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